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About Chikitsalya

About Chikitsalya

The word Chikitsalya is a Sanskrit name also used in Hindi, formed by the union of two words having meaning as follow:-

Chikitsa + Alya = Chikitsalaya

The word Chikitsa mean treatment or giving therapy and the Alya mean the place. Hence the meaning of Chikitsalaya is the place where the all treatments done. 

In English this is known as Clinic and Hospital. Our aim to name this site and department as Chikitsalaya is that we treats with vedic health sciences only and this is the Sanaskrit name which is the same language in which vedas written.

Vibudhah's Clinic (Chikitsalya)

This chikitsalaya is a petal of a golden flower "Vibudhah" which is a unique health services provider in north Bharat located in 'Amar Shaheed Pandit Lekhram Nagar' formally know as 'Qadian' or 'Quadian'. 

Quadian is a small township in District Gurdaspur surrounded by many villages and green fields. The main thing is this place is far away from all factories and polluted cities. 

Arogyam Param Bhagyam

Our aim and slogan shows everything about us. We aim to provide a drug free life to serve all humanity with a message of 

Be Natural Be Healthy or Begin The Life

And the life must be healthy that's why we used Arogyam Param Bhagyam which means 'Health is the Best Blessing'. So be with us be healthy for ever.

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